This Telugu Character Makes Apple iPhones Crash, Fix On The Way » PhoneRadar

In the recent times, we are spotting more and more bugs in the iOS. With the iOS 11.1 update, we have seen how the lowercase letter ‘i’ is replaced the letter ‘A’ and a question mark symbol by autocorrection. However, Apple had fixed the keyboard bug with the software update released later that month. Now, all the Apple devices running on iOS 11 are affected by a new bug where the Telugu letter “జ్ఞా” is making the messaging apps unresponsive.

Apart from the popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and messenger, Apple’s own iMessage is also affected by this bug. The apps will be crashing when you tried to open the message consisting జ్ఞా. This particular bug is only affecting the devices running on iOS 11.1, and the company is already said to have the fixed the issue in their latest iOS 11.3 beta update. Interestingly, this new bug has no affect on other instant messaging apps like Telegram and Skype.

A few reports also suggest that the MacOS and WatchOS versions of iMessage are also affected by this bug. In order to get rid of this bug, you either need to install latest iOS bets update or wait for the upcoming public update. We also suggest you to take a complete backup of your device. Last month, a new report suggested that the next major iOS update would focus on improving performance instead of introducing new features.


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